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Cadoo board game
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Speech development gifts

Board Games

When looking for speech development gift ideas, watch for games that have a lot of interaction with the child, other children, and adults. There are many board games, card games, crafts, and interactive play toys that encourage speech and language development. Feel free to adjust the game rules to provide a better fit for yourself or your child's needs. Here are some great games that children and parent's love.

Guess Who?

This is a great game for teaching children to ask questions and turn taking within conversations. This works well with learning the concept of not and answering / asking yes / no questions. There are many versions of this popular game including Guess Where? I love this game because you can make it harder or easier depending upon the child. The child works on sounds, question formation, organization, strategies, etc.

Cranium Cadoo, Hullabaloo

There are many, many Cranium games by Hasbro. These games involve comprehension of spoken language, following directions, and following sequences of activities. This is a great game for  busy bodies as it has children up and moving around. 

Sequence for Kids

The Sequence games are amazing..there are many versions of this game,  Kids, Letters, Numbers, to name a few. It is a problem solving, question asking, categorizing, skill involved game that children as young as 4 can play with minimal help.  

Other speech development gift ideas?

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I hope this helps with your shopping lists. Most of all, have fun with it! You can also visit www.toytips.com for more ideas on children toys. Please send other thoughts or questions to me at amy@speechtails.com or visit me at speechtails.com for other ideas on improving speech development.

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