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Speech Therapy Gift Ideas - Classic Games

dont break ice game
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Speech Development Gifts

When looking for speech development gift ideas, it’s hard to beat classic games.When picking a game, it is important to pick one that has a lot of interaction with the child, other children, and adults. There are many classic games that enhance speech and language. If you need to change the rules a little to fit your needs or your child’s needs, go ahead and do it.  I’ve listed here a few great games that children and parent's love.

The oldies but goodies

Don't Break the Ice and Kerplunk

These action packed games are still great! When most therapists play these games during therapy they have the children say some of their articulation cards between each turn that is taken.

eeBoo games

I love the eeBOO games including Write Me a Story and Tell Me a Story . Also, I Never Forget a Face is a great matching game for children.


Thumball is a great conversation stimulator. It is a 4 or 6 inch ball that you toss and it has conversation starters written on the ball. This may be letters, movements or questions to answer as you toss the ball. These are great for the busy children that want to learn but also need to move! I found mine at www.Fatbraintoys.com.

More gifts at Speech Tails

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I hope this helps with your shopping lists. Most of all, have fun with it! You can also visit www.toytips.com for more ideas on children toys. Please send other thoughts or questions to me at amy@speechtails.com or visit me at SpeechTails.com for other ideas on improving speech development.

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