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Speech Therapy Gift Ideas - Crafts

Speech Development Gifts

When looking for speech development gift ideas for loved ones with speech development issues, consider crafts.  All crafts stimulate some speech and language in children.  Interaction among the child, other children, and adults is important in encouraging speech development.


There are always cute craft ideas for girls, however finding crafts that will interest boys is a bit harder sometimes.   That’s why Sticky Mosaics are at the top of my craft list.

Sticky Mosaics

I am a huge fan of Sticky Mosaics. My kids love these! They are in essence a puzzle, matching color game, matching number game, thought provoking awesome craft for kids!! This craft not only is creative but works on attention span, sequential tasks, and categorizing colors and numbers.  They are easy to use and mess free.  Sticky Mosaics use peel-and-stick technology on their foam tiles and jewels.  They are designed around the “paint by numbers” concept.  For boys there are dinosaurs, sports, astronauts and other themes that will interest them.

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I hope this helps with your shopping lists. Most of all, have fun with it! You can also visit www.toytips.com for more ideas on children toys. Please send other thoughts or questions to me at amy@speechtails.com or visit me at SpeechTails.com for other ideas on improving speech development.

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