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Speech Therapy Gift Ideas - Card Games

kids playing uno
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Speech development gifts

When looking for speech development gift ideas, it is important to pick any game that has a lot of interaction with the child, other children, and adults. There are many board games, card games, crafts, and interactive play toys that enhance speech and language. Don't be afraid to change the rules a little to fit your child's or your needs. Here are some great card games that children and parent's love:

Card games:

I love card games that have specific directions that are easy for parents and children to follow. I love the oldies including:

  • UNO (following directions, matching numbers, matching colors, sequential).
  • GO Fish (works on sequencing, turn taking, asking questions, sounds /g/, /f/).
  • Crazy Eights (following directions, matching colors, matching numbers, memory, strategy). 
  • OLD Maid (matching, turn taking, depending upon the theme of game the child learns occupations, foods, etc.).

Also, this is not an oldie, but SLAMWICH is a great take on the old WAR game that children love. The children can name the items as the cards fly by and they love the slapping of the cards when they find a match!

These are all great speech development gift ideas. You can work on so many sounds and language issues with these games.

Other speech development gift ideas?

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