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Speech Therapy Ideas for Middle School Autistic Children

InClassLMC 0897Once children reach the middle school and high school age, autism will become even more challenging as social pressures become even more intense. The focus in working with middle school and high school children that are on the autism spectrum should be non-verbal peer interactions and life skills that the child will need after school. Here are some speech therapy ideas that you can try in your approach::

  • Talk about the situation/environment that you are going into BEFORE you enter the situation.  This will give your child a basic understanding of what might or might not happen.

  • Get out and have your child observe the world around them. Have them watch social interactions take place such as ordering lunch at a restaurant, then talk about how the interaction happened. Slowly move up to allowing your child to order.

  • Work on responding to unpredictable people and interactions. Talk about strategies and how to label feelings and how the child can use those techniques in social situations.

  • Dating etiquette and opposite gender interactions can be very challenging when working with autistic children. As they get older, talk about respecting boundaries.

  • Practice job interview skills with your child. These will come in handy not only in the future, but for summer or part time jobs.

  • Conflict resolution is very challenging for an autistic child on the spectrum. Practice interactions to help your child break down the interaction and participate in an assertive, yet productive way.

As social pressures become more intense in middle school and high school, and as children learn everyday social interactions and prepare for the future, children on the spectrum can really struggle with this transition. Practicing is the best form of therapy for this age and teaching your child to break down situations can set him up for strategies to be able to use in the future.

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