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Is it true that children living in bilingual families start talking later?

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The answer is, sometimes. What is important to remember, however, is that the advantage of knowing two languages outweighs the small disadvantage of delayed speech, especially since the delay is only temporary.  There is often a slight delay in the speech and language development of both languages in children living in a bilingual household. Over time, though, bilingual children often catch up to their peers and have the added benefit of communicating in two different languages with proficiency. Speaking two different languages offers big benefits even though it can cause your child to start talking a bit later.

Speech Tails can help your child with his or her speech and language delay and is a fun and playful way to get them the extra help that they need without the use of standard speech therapy, such as in a classroom setting. It is a great way to integrate it into your bilingual household and can give your child yet another advantage when it comes to their speech and language development.

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