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Speech Therapy: 3 Factors for Lack of Progress

Parents will often ask speech pathologists, “How do you teach a child to…,” with various endings to that question. When the question has to do with speech and language disorders, very often it is not an easy question to answer. When it comes to getting a child to speak, it can get very complex and depends on so many variables.

With any therapy, the final goal is to overcome. Which is why parents are often frustrated and feel let down when they say that they did their work at home and did what they were supposed to be doing for their child, and yet their child is making little to no progress.

There can be several reasons for this, but let's explore three scenarios of frustration and failure.

Factor #1: Lack of motivation on your child’s part

While it can be hard to place the blame on the child for this, because as speech pathologists, we must learn how to motivate even the most difficult child, it is a factor for lack of progress.

Factor #2: The parents not having the time or patience to do the work sent home

Again, this is not always the parent's fault as sometimes your child will show frustration and failure, and you may opt out of activities that make him feel this way. Typically, this shows that the homework or assignment is too hard and simply not fun.

Factor #3: Not the right speech therapy

If there is no structural, medical, or physiological reason for your child to not speak clearly, then they can and should be able to learn to speak perfectly clear. This may just come down to the speech pathologist’s lack of being able to read and treat the situation properly. Typically, this is often just a case of the speech pathologist moving too fast or assigning homework and assignments that are several steps ahead of what your child should be working on.

Since everyone has their own unique way of thinking and learning, it is best to find a speech therapy that your child enjoys going to, enjoys doing homework for, and that encourages rather than discourages. After years of experience, Speech Tails was tailor made to fix some of these factors that prevented children from progressing in their speech and language. Not only is it fun and interactive, it stays with your child and is encouraging. Your child will love the animations and fun filled activities that our program has to offer. Take your free assessment today!

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