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Speech Delay? My 2 Year Old Doesn't Talk Yet

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My 2 year old doesn’t talk yet??? What should I do? 

I get asked this question weekly by a friend or parent and there are many, many things you can begin to do to get speech moving forward! Should you be concerned if your 2 year old has no words?  Well, he should be beginning to say some words or approximations, so try a few of these ideas for a month or so, and if you do not hear any improvement or increase in the variety of sounds, then call a speech-language pathologist in your area.  Your child may just need a boost to get their speech and language moving forward. 

First thing, write down what your child does say, this is usually /ah/ /oo/ and some simple things like /mama/ /dada/ or whatever he calls the family pet!  I give total credit for a word if your child says /ju/ for /juice/ or /ba/ for /ball/.  You may be pleasantly surprised that your child has more words then you think when you begin to write them down. 

The second thing I would begin doing is helping your child move his mouth.  Use some whistles, blow some cotton balls across the table, and start talking to your child using a TON of exaggeration! Physically give your child some input/touch on his face with a washcloth and move his lips down, up and back and forth. Children love to blow raspberries with their lips!  Blowing bubbles is a great way to get increase breath support.

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